From Sloane Square gastropubs to some of the finest brasseries on Kings Road

we've got you covered for just about any food-related rendezvous. So if it's fancy cocktails and sushi in the Chelsea Garden you're after, read on as we dive into some of the best restaurants in Chelsea London.

Villa Mamas

Ever thought of taking a minivacation while having an unforgettable dinner? When you visit Villa Mamas, it'll be like taking that long-awaited holiday away. Tiled in white with its beautifully crafted arches and dark-eyed handsome men trotting about in the candlelight is this breathtaking restaurant. The cooking at the Bahraini restaurant is based on the childhood inspiration of Saleh.

Whether you're trying the delicious caramelised onion and whey sauce of the aubergine explosion in your mouth or the kaskhe bademjoon, or even the warm velvet-like lamb nugget sprinkled hummus, we can guarantee that you won't be interested in sharing. The restaurant's main course is said to be fit for Persian royalty.

The main course usually consists of steaming aromatic saffron rice, marinated chicken, or the slow-cooked rosemary marinated lamb and vermicelli combo. All of these are typically served with different strengths of chilli sauce for the adventurer in us. If you get thirsty during or even after a meal, there's jaunty cocktails, as well as Italian and Lebanese wine for the taking.

Some of the signature cocktails were made from Crystal Head vodka, wasabi, and even Sogoi that was made from kiwi. When you visit the Villa Mamas, it's always recommended that you go hungry so that you can save room for their special rose-water rice pudding, or their candyfloss saffron ice-cream.

L’ETO Caffe

L,ETO has something to tickle everyone's fancy. So no matter the time of day or your mood, you'll be served with something for every occasion. The cafe serves several globally-inspired afternoon tea platters, hearty pasta dishes, and beautifully made salad. While there are different locations around London, you can easily stop off at the Knightsbridge in Brompton Road for a delicious pick me up.

Dinings SW3

Just off Marylebone Road is a famous small restaurant known as Dinings in Marylebone. The restaurant has made quite the name for itself by dishing up tons of seafood including sashimi and the freshest sushi on the markets. Dinings usually serve freshly caught fish that comes straight from the dayboats.

With their second branch newly opened, Dinings SW3 is located just off of Walton Street and is dedicated to Chelsea's original style. The second branch is said to be buzzier and even bigger when compared to the first. The restaurant is not only home to a former artist's studio but it also features some classic and new dishes including the "plateau de fruits de mer" which consists of delicious truffle ponzu jelly with sea-bass and seared langoustines.

When you visit, you'll be able to try one of their signature robata-styled dishes that were cooked to perfection on the Josper grill. These dishes usually include some wasabi salsa, butter and Dover sole, and native Scottish lobsters that were creel-caught. If you're interested in something plant-based, there's also the sweet miso double-cooked aubergine and agedashi tofu in uma-dashi sauce.

While the names might be quite the mouthful, every dish on the extra-long menu is worth the try. After dining, you'll be delightfully pleased to try one of their bento boxes. If it's one thing we know is that we'll need to make multiple trips until we've conquered all.

Rufus Pucci Pizza

With its own spin on pizza for over 30 years, the pizza palace has hosted tons of public school girls dancing gracefully and energetically fueled by wine on the tables. They're known for their famous Euro-pop thin-crust pizzas. With the change in location, everyone can now enjoy Sloane's favourite pizza as they reminisce about the days gone.

If you're a fan of seafood, the calamari starter is just mouth-wateringly delicious not to mention the specially made dipping sauce. Even the salads are truly a delicious mouthful since they were named after ole Rufus's ex-girlfriends.


From the ever famous owners of the gastro on Old Brompton Road is the new and exciting newbie Bandol. The Hollywood Road newb sees tons of locals flocking to the site for extravagantly priced wine. There's also a treat or two that consists of roast figs, duck legs, and velvety thyme and lavender icecream. For an authentic taste of the south, there are also beautifully placed olive trees and staff that are brighter than the sunshine.



The ever-famous Chelsea and Blubird are like two peas in a pod. Whether it's a restaurant, a cafe, a wine cellar, a food store, a bakery, or even a florist, the Bluebird has got it all. They've managed to do just about everything that most working people can't find the extra time for and they're open from 8 am to midnight, and 1 am on the weekend.


Brasserie Gustave

Located at the spot where Chelsea meets South Kensington is the Brasserie Gustave and this one is definitely something to remember. While the walls are filled with posters that look somewhat hackneyed, the food absolutely ravishing and fresh as can be. These French dishes were made with perfect attention to detail.

So, if you're looking for hearty Confit de canard, there's nowhere else that prepares them like this. The Brasserie also serves tasty wines that are managed by a rather experienced sommelier.


Haché is just one of the five superb outlets in London and they're quite posh if you wondered. Besides the regularly crafted beefburgers, they're also got the duck, lamb, chicken and even the verge falafel burger. Haché has something for everyone to try and fall in love with.

They've invented some of the best spins you'd ever find around. On Sunday's you'll be able to feast on the special roast that comes fitted between two delicious Yorkshire puddings. You'll also receive the special Black Amex which allows you to receive a burger for only £1. However, there are special conditions that apply to this and you'll be able to take advantage all day Monday as well as 12 pm to 5 pm between Tuesday to Friday!


With these upsized portions, you'll really be left wondering if the octopus grew additional arms. The newly opened Chelsea restaurant offers osso buco, cod cheeks, a nice hearty flank and a ton of Italian Aperol spritzes to keep you entertained for a long time to come. Some say that it's got more Italian than the Italians do but we'll leave that for you to determine on your visit to Polpo!

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