Things to consider when having a combi boiler installed

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Combi boilers are a popular type of boiler in the UK, and can be an option if you need to replace your existing one. They offer many convenient and efficient features which make them highly sought after by homeowners and landlords alike. If you want to find out more about what a combi boiler is, or why they appeal so much to people who use them, this article will explain everything you need to know.

For anyone that has owned or lived with one before, it can be hard to imagine life without a combi boiler as they’re incredibly convenient and versatile. Renters may even wonder whether they should consider getting one fitted if their current unit is unreliable or inefficient.

When comparing two combi boilers from different manufacturers, the first thing to look at is how much power they produce, and this can be roughly gauged by comparing their kW ratings. The higher the number, the more power it will use in order to heat your home. It should be noted that a more powerful boiler does not necessarily mean it’s going to cost you more money as some of them are designed to operate very efficiently once installed.

A combi boiler offers great value for money because they do double duty as a conventional boiler and hot water tank which both saves space and reduces energy consumption in comparison with standalone units. If you want one fitted, then there are several benefits.

The most important aspects are reliability and efficiency, if you can’t rely on your boiler to work when it’s needed then it’s going to be a huge problem in the long run. It goes without saying that you’ll also want a high quality finish so that it looks good in your home and stands up well over time.

Combi boilers are generally quieter than conventional ones. Consumers should always make sure their new system comes with an RHI (renewable heat incentive) incentive tag as these are exempt from VAT. This essentially means you get the best possible price, and will lower your running costs in comparison with other models on the market.

Finally, there’s an option to have a condensing combi boiler installed; this simply means that air is removed from the system and moisture turned into water vapour before it leaves the unit. This results in less gas being wasted and lowers energy consumption even further. 

Combi boilers Should be fitted by Gas Safe Registered professionals, so make sure you only use someone who has gone through rigorous training and follows safe procedures when installing new systems or making repairs, no matter what type of boiler they’re working on. 

How to choose a combi boiler?

When doing this, it’s essential to consider the size of your home in order to find combi boilers providing enough hot water for you and your family. If you already know which size is best for you, both electric powered and gas-powered models offer great energy-saving features.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is power. The greater output a combination boiler has, the better it will be in heating your home and providing domestic hot water for all family members. Output is measured usually in kilowatts. The most popular combi boilers for UK homes have from 35 kW to 80 kW of output as providing up to 80% of total heat required by properties that are located in central England and are 2-4 storeys high. 

Best Combi boiler Models

We have taken a look at some of the best combi boiler models to make it easier for you to find your favourite. We’ll start with vaillant and worcester bosch. When buying a vaillant combi boiler you need to weigh up whether or not you want an oil or gas version. The vaillant va-4105 ecotec plus eco is one example of a device that will use 40% less energy than other models on the market (while still being Energy Saving Recommended). Another vaillant model; va-4095 ecotec plus eco, is designed so that life cycle costs are as low as possible while meeting strict vaillant energy efficiency standards. Worchester bosch also offers vaillant-designed products; the worcester bosch va-wmb 35/14 va-50/14 va-60/12 va-65/15 are some of their more popular options.

Worcester bosch offer an excellent intellicontrol system which uses Wifi technology to make it easy for you to control your heating remotely via a smartphone or tablet device. You can access features such as time and temperature settings, live data on power usage and much more; all this is done quickly and easily without requiring any specialist knowledge. One other thing that worcester bosch offer with their devices is ecoFlex fuel supply technology, which means that you can switch seamlessly from one fuel type to another. 

Features of vaillant and worcester bosch devices

Both vaillant and worcester bosch offer models which are suitable for medium sized homes, though vaillant also provides options for larger properties should you need them; va-4003 ecotec plus eco is an excellent example of this. It comes with features such as a trusted venting system (which ensures the safety of the device) while its price tag makes it great value for money. Another vaillant device worth considering is va-65100 vaillant va-v180 eco vertical; this is designed to be suitable for larger properties and uses heat exchangers rather than radiators to help save energy.

Combi boilers – vaillant va-4095 ecotec plus eco

This vaillant combi boiler is designed to use 40% less energy than other models on the market and features a venting system which has been tested for safety over 1 million times! These tests ensure that your device will always be safe to use and will not cause any unnecessary wear and tear in your home. The va-4095 ecotec plus eco also features an upgraded version of vaillant’s additional flexicontrol, meaning you can easily control temperature settings from different rooms. You’ll find it easier than ever before to reduce your home’s energy usage thanks to the vaillant intellicontrol Wifi technology.

The vaillant va-4105 ecotec plus eco

Another great vaillant combi boiler which comes with all the features you need. It has a capacity of 8.0kw, meaning that it will be suitable for medium to large sized homes. Energy saving recommended vaillant combi boilers like this one have been tested rigorously and come with an energy efficiency rating of A+. They also feature vaillant’s efficient heat recovery system (ehs), allowing you to easily store heat from your hot water supply so you don’t lose out on warmth. If you want to save even more money, then the vaillant va-4115 ecotec plus eco may be right for you; this device comes with vaillant intellicontrol Wifi connectivity, allowing you to control your heating from anywhere in your home. Combination boilers such as va-4105 vaillant va-v180 eco vertical and va-4115 vaillant va-v180 eco vertical have been designed to be suitable for both small and medium sized homes; they use heat exchangers instead of radiators for added energy efficiency.

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