Deciding on where to dine can often prove challenging, with so many great eateries and restaurants to choose from. Whether you are going out with your partner for a date night or attending a family reunion, GQ has managed to refine the list of eateries, to the top selections. These choices include risotto to ramen, steak houses to vegetarian, and more. After trying out a new restaurant every week, we spent an entire year working on reviews to produce this comprehensive list. So instead of using Google, to find "restaurants near me", here is a list of some of the top restaurants to eat at in London.


Photo of inside of the Hide restaurant in London

Hide opened its doors in 2018, and within 6 months, this restaurant went onto receive a coveted Michelin star. Located in the middle of Piccadilly, this is among the finest locations in London for most establishments. The eatery is situated in a three-storey building, which includes a bar, Hide Above, Hide Ground, and Hide Below, overlooking Green Park. But even the view of a Royal park is nothing compared to the stunning interiors and decor of this restaurant, curated by Tatiana Fokina, the owner. 

Ollie Dabbous's fantastic seasonal menu is a representation of the most delectable offerings. Start with a bread basket (freshly baked), made up of 5 different styles (depends on seasonal produce availability), from parmesan and onion crackers to a delicious cherry tomato focaccia. The starters compete with the mains, as the highlight of every meal. The black -truffle pasta, is as delectable as the soft-shell crispy crab tempura, or the melt-in-the-mouth, seasonal, dry-age tartare, all of which are easy on both the taste buds and the eyes. When it comes to the mains, our favourite was definitely the barbecued octopus served with white miso, lovage, and Moscatel grapes, a true taste sensation, complimented perfectly by a side portion of delicately-charred broccoli. 

We also loved the Brixham crabmeat and organic salmon served in a warmed lovage broth. It was unlike any dish we have tried before, succulently oozing out-of-this-world flavours with each mouthful. To end the perfect meal, we recommend trying the sizzling Acorn Cake, drenched in rum liqueur and smoked caramel. Combine this with a yerba matte custard and ripe greengages (seasonal permitting), will leave most guest feeling very satisfied. 

Matching this phenomenal food is one of the most all-inclusive wine lists in Europe. You can choose your wine from Hedonism Wines, which is also owned by Fokina, with over 7,000 types to choose from. If you prefer something with no alcohol, try the alcohol-free Bloody Mary (the tomato colour has undergone rinsing to give it a soda water hue), which represents the ideal combination of sweet and tart. 

Ideal for a special occasion for two, or a group business meeting (private rooms are available in the Vaults and an al-fresco space which has just been launched). Hide, is a restaurant you do not want to miss, even just to admire the beautiful tree-shaped staircase. You can visit the website at, or the restaurant at 85 Piccadilly, London W1J 7NB.


No. Fifty Cheyne

Exterior of the Fifty Cheyne restaurant London

Cheyne Walk Brasserie, a cocktail lounge, and restaurant that once operated from this location is now geo-specifically known as No Fifty. This eatery specialises in open-grilled fish and meat, served in a very conservative, and traditional French manner. Mashed potato and green beans, a consistency of Nivea, as an example, accompanied by an extensive wine list that justifies the very deep pockets of a neighbourhood in which it is situated. Without any doubt, it was one of those swell affairs, that once enjoyed a low-key loyal following. Yet times have really changed, and so have the ambitions of the owner for an establishment that should enjoy a lot wider recognition when it comes to its approach. 

Today, No. 50 Cheyne is under the guidance and direction of maître d’ Benoit Auneau, with Jason Atherton alumnus Iain Smith, that heads up their kitchen. The venue foregoes a few of the fine-dining tropes adopted by its forebear but has amped up a trend for casual-quality in a reconfigured upstairs bar and dining room that represents the hallmarks and character of stylish "Old Chelsea" living. These changes are visually appealing, and the food and wine are also easier on your pocket, from a value-focused wine list to seasonally-reflective set menus. 


Simpson's In The Strand

photo of the inside of Simpson's In The Strand restaurant london

Traditionally British as royal family feuds, yet a lot more enjoyable, Simpson's represent a light touch that misleads its 192-year age, along with its venerable status. It is among the Savoy's restaurants, which means it offers a service you can expect from a very solid institution backed by a history coupled with the remarkable appetite of Winston Churchill, yet it also offers a real sense of enjoyment and fun. 

Its Bill Of Fare menu is based on British produce that includes the popular dishes that most would expect. As you can imagine, the mains will be plant-based, which means the cows that you eat are grass-fed. The popular carving trolleys offer the tenderest and succulent roast beef on this earth, even though we think this would be best served on a weekend rather than on weeknights. This is why we would rather recommend choosing something from their grills like the chateaubriand or on-the-bone Scottish halibut. Churchill would have most likely ordered all 3 dishes. 


Sketch Lecture Room And Library

photo of the inside of Sketch Lecture Room And Library

When the latest edition of the Michelin guide was released in October, the one thing that really surprised a lot of us more than The Araki losing its 3 stars was that the Lecture Room and Library at Sketch were awarded its third. This is pretty impressive for a venue that when first opening, received mainly poor reviews, along with embarrassing negative publicity. However, when it became 1 of only 5 restaurants in the UK to have the magical three-star rating, Sketch has finally reached the vision and ideal of charismatic and energetic restaurateur Mourad Mazouz along with Pierre Gagnaire, his executive legendary chef. He described this accolade as "winning the World Cup"

We believe the restaurant honestly deserves this recognition. With an extravagant theatre feel, guests are warmly welcomed as they pass through the double doors, located on the 1st floor. From here guests are led into a flamboyant and joyous dining area where indulgent elegance meets art on a truly grand scale. There is really no other venue that compares to this one. The dishes also match up to this hype. 

If you are visiting for the first time, we suggest that you try out their tasting menu. Head chef Johannes Nuding's offerings are mostly French-influenced, yet there is also European creativity along with an interesting and playful style as each course arrives in separate plates and bowls. It is colourful, clever, and amazingly delicious. Do we think it's "over the top"?. Yes, it most certainly is. This is one of those venues where you will experience dining at drinking at its absolute best, completely unforgettable and unmissable.

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